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Family Friday (vol. 122): Springtime is in the Air!

TGIF! We took the girls out for pizza tonight and they loved it. They ran around outside, trashed some shoes, made brewery-goers some “hamburgers” made of whatever they found outside, and loved every second of it. Letting kids be kids feels SO good.

We’ve had a week of sunshine and it is GOOD FOR MY SOUL. That’s all I have to say about that. I feel springtime heading out way, and that’s a beautiful thing. Vaccines and tulips, it’s really all I see right now.

This week was quite busy for Mark and I work-wise, more so for Mark, but that had implication for me as far as pulling double duty with the girls. I really hope that when buses don’t require the level of sanitization they currently require that school will be bumped back to a more normal start time. Working parents, I know you feel me. That said, I’m incredibly grateful that my kids haven’t missed a beat with school and things are going really well, school-wise, COVID-wise, life-wise. All is well.

Mark and I have resumed our weekly date night routine. I can’t say we’re being real opportunistic and doing anything new or exciting, but it’s still nice to get out together once a week. The girls love having a babysitter and we love having a break from the grind of the evening. It’s a win-win.

Everyone is enjoying the Oculus Quest 2 that I got for Mark for Valentine’s Day. It has brought us many laughs and hours of entertainment that didn’t include sitting on our butts. Again, win-win.

I pulled something in my back, unrelated to any virtual reality activity. I honestly have no idea how it happened. I considered taking some PTO today and getting a massage, however it is so tender, I wasn’t sure I wanted anyone working on it. I hope it’s feeling better by Sunday because I believe I may be asked to play center. I’ll need fresh legs and all body part in peak performance state to give that a go.

I am completely out of dinner ideas. Help! Quick, easy, kid-friendly, and healthy-ish, PLEASE!

Gina and I have some fun stuff coming up on the podcast. We interviewed Megan, RD of Feeding Littles for an upcoming show and…yep, you won’t want to miss it! Be sure to listen along and leave a review on iTunes to help others find the show. Thank youuu!

Bridgerton, so far, is quite over-rated. I’m only on episode 3, but I don’t get it. As soon as I hit publish, I’m going to push on a bit. If it doesn’t turn a corner here – I’m done. I’ll switch over to Firefly Lane because that book – alllll the tears. I hope it’s a great series but I’ve definitely heard mixed reviews. Married at First Sight, however. It’s epic. I am loving that show this season.

Illini basketball has been quite fun to watch. A beat down on Michigan was only sweet because Michigan was ranked #4. Hoping we can pull out a similar showing for Ohio State tomorrow. Because, yeah, I never have any love for that team. Let’s pull out a #1 seed for the tournament, fellas!

I am reading and LOVING the book, The Vanishing Half

Planning to enjoy every second of this weekend. Next week looks like a doozie! 

Be well,

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  1. Liz @ Books n' Cooks
    March 14, 2021 / 9:33 am

    My kids eat nothing but this BBQ meatloaf sheet pan dinner has been a hit with me and my husband lately -https://www.books-n-cooks.com/sheet-pan-bbq-meatloaf-diner/ Should be kid friendly for normal kids! Good luck!

    • Nicole Morrissey
      March 14, 2021 / 11:46 am

      Thanks so much, Liz! This looks amazing! I am grateful that my kids are actually solid meat-eaters. I know a lot of families struggle with protein. Looks delicious!

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