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Family Friday (vol. 126): Springing into Summer

Shea is officially signed up for summer camp that is 20 minutes in the opposite direction of home and also the opposite direction of my work. I’m basically going to be making one giant triangle of driving this summer, but it’s just for a few months and I think she’ll have a great experience. All good things. BUT, how is my kid going to be a first grader? That sounds so much less innocent than “kindergartener”.

That said, this seems par for the course. Her innocence is gone with the wind lately and I’ve received my first teacher phone call for name calling at school. Fortunately, this seems to have been an insolated incident and perhaps that is because we made it VERY clear that that’s unacceptable and there are consequences…that are guaranteed to be carried out…when we make poor decisions. It’s really the first glimpse we’ve had at consequences – I’m hoping it all sinks in and we course correct permanently. I won’t hold my breath, but the hope is there.

I’ve been, ahem, shopping a bit. The only thing cuter than little girl clothes are toddler girl clothes. I’ve also been hitting up the shoes because summer sandals are the cutest and the price is just right. I have little self-control, what can I say? Plus all of this cuteness gets passed along to my niece so I can totally justify my spending. In all seriousness, I just need it to be 70+ on a consistent basis so that I can see all the skin. Piper’s thighs and Shea’s shoulders are edible and I want to see them at all times. Little girl summer clothes….gahhhh. I can’t be the only one! 

Speaking of Piper, she’s definitely my favorite child at the moment (mostly KIDDING, relax). For dinner one night this week, she chowed down on rainbow trout and swiss chard. She’s so fun to feed! Her imagination is wild and she will make her own fun with her LOL Dolls for hours. She’s just so…easy going. If she’s tired, she goes quiet. If we’re out and about, she goes with the flow. She eats everything and likes everyone. The girl has never met a stranger. She’s fairly unopinionated and/or easily persuaded. It’s crazy to think that come fall, she’ll be hopping on the school bus with Shea and they’ll both be in elementary school together. Where does the time go!? For now, she continues to love Montessori and flirting with cute boys in her class. Namely, Gabe. 

I’m looking forward to the pay raise of no longer paying daycare!

A few weeks ago for my parents’ April birthdays, coupled with Mother’s Day, we took some family photos in Chicago. It was perfectly timed not only with the birthdays and celebrations, but also because my brother proposed to his long-time girlfriend, Kay. I’ll be gaining another sister-in-law and I’m very excited for them! I think they’ve been together for 9ish years, so in all the ways, it feels like she’s already part of the family, but I look forward to making it official! Their daughter, Ava, is pretty much our favorite person. My girls and I fight for her attention, and guess who wins? #notme

I’m kind of in a book slump. I’m still reading The Hating Game by Sally Thorne – a book hasn’t taken me this long to finish in a long time. It’s good, but I’m kind of into sleeping these days! Work has been kicking my butt and my usual 8 hour days have stretched into 10-11 hour days. But, after another week or two, everyone new will be up to speed and we’ll be working with a full staff again. Cannot wait!

We’re looking forward to an upcoming visit to Ohio to see my podcast co-host, Gina, and her family. Lots on the agenda, including to zoo! Can’t wait! 🙂

A few thing on the weekend agenda – tennis league, play date, boating, hockey playoffs, and nice weather – YES!

Be well,

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