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Family Friday (vol. 128): What the August?!

I’m entirely unclear how nearly 2 months have gone by since my last Family Friday post – a.k.a. the post where I blab on and on about nothing having to do with food or nutrition, generally speaking. Apparently, I’ve been doing all things summer, or at least trying to when the weather permits. Which as of late, it has.

Our local schools don’t start until the day after Labor Day and let me just say that I’m a BIG BIG fan of this. Weather-wise, September is one of my most favorite months and so starting school any earlier feels wrong. Yet, I hear our school district will be joining surrounding districts in starting school before Labor Day beginning next year. Not cool, but since I’ve got 1 month left of daycare costs in my future, I’m taking it in stride 😉

Work has been really busy and I’ve tried to weave in small chunks of PTO. I’ve come to the conclusion that this may not work best for me. Transitioning mid-day between work and fun only to return to work the next morning somehow seems…dissatisfying. It’s almost as though it takes me a bit of time to reach the point of relaxation and conversely, a bit of time to transition back into work mode. So while I’d love to use small blocks of PTO ongoing, I may have to readjust my strategy. Plus, I never actually leave work when I say I’m going to and as was the case this week, I had enough time for a workout, a quick catch up call with a friend, and just a few spare minutes to read at the beach (literally, 40 minutes) before jumping into the evening grind of dinner and parenting. I am grateful for those 40 minutes of beach reading but if I’m being honest, it’s mostly a tease. I could very easily spend ALL DAY reading at the beach while sneaking in a few dips in the water and perhaps a cat nap or two in the sun. Ahhh…sound glorious!

Shea is LOVING her camp this summer. She has made a few new friends, one of which is a little boy who’s about 18 months younger than her. He has made the list for birthday invites and everything. They are doing all sorts of cute activities with the kids, including decorating rocks and hiding them on the walking paths for parents to find (the camp is for employee kiddos only so the hope is for mom or dad to find their kiddo’s decorated rock). I thought it was a cute idea!

Piper is pretty bored with her Montessori class these days. She’s all about staying for afterschool care where it’s a free for all with plenty of snacks. Everyday, she begs to stay for afterschool which starts at 3pm. Basically, neither of my kids are ever ready for pick-up and I’m not quite sure how my heart navigates those mixed emotions! I do know that between all-day camp/school and many evenings of swimming, they’re pretty darn whipped by the end of the week and yet they never sleep in on the weekends. What the what?

We’ve had a run on facial injuries/issues with both girls. Last week was Shea’s face swelling to an alarming size and turning angry and red, as well as warm to the touch. A pediatrician visit later, she was diagnosed with cellulitis and started on both oral and topical antibiotics. She recovered quickly, but it was scary to have a little chipmunk roll out of bed in the morning! The following week, this week, Piper had an eyebrow/eye socket swelling issue. We’re not sure what happened, but daycare called and she has been on a steady dose of Benadryl for a few days. We hadn’t been to the pediatrician in some time, so I guess we were due for a visit…

We’ve planned the girls’ first flight (Shea flew when she was 1 but she doesn’t recall it so this feels like her first flight) — we’ll all be heading to Atlanta to visit my SIL and her wife in a few months. You know, once Atlanta weather simmers down and summer activities have come to a season close around here. We’re very much so looking forward to the trip! Mark and I are also toying with the idea of going somewhere in November. With COVID unknowns, it’s a bit tricky to plan for, but we’re welcoming all suggestions!

I’m also working on planning the girls’ first REAL birthday party. I’m thinking a theme of “Prince and Princesses” and there will be a reptile “presentation”. The birthday will be at a nature center and we can bring in decorations, food, cake, adult beverages, etc. I’m going to really level up here and do goodie bags and the works. I’m not committing to a piñata but I haven’t ruled it out completely. The girls have been working away on their guest lists and wish lists. I’m pretty excited for the celebration! Let’s see if we can agree on cake vs. cupcakes now…

The past few months have been visitor after visitor after visitor. We’ve had a weekend, maybe 2, without guests and it has been busy in our house! We only wish we were visit-worthy in the colder months, too, people! It’s a good thing the girls are involved in ZERO activities right now. I couldn’t handle it.

Other than peaches and apples, we’re done fruit picking this year. I’ve made a blueberry jam with chia seeds and honey that is REALLY good, as well as a few other recipes that will make their appearance soon. I’ve been struggling with dinner ideas lately so send them my way if you’ve got anything worth sharing!

Books read and enjoyed include The Perfect Couple by Elin Hilderbrand and Malibu Rising by Taylor Jenkins Reid.

And that’s an update from us! My bestie and her family are here this weekend and we’re heading out for pizza & beer!

Be well,

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