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Family Friday (vol. 140): A Whole Bunch of Random

Two weeks of school in the books, and one quarantine along with it. Add in the start of soccer season and I’m feeling a bit like a hero. A hot mess of one who is so thankful for our afterschool nanny, but a hero nonetheless. I mean, sure, we ate dinner last night well after 7pm and that was the only meal we ate all together this week, but next week is looking less chaotic. I’m incredibly glad we’re doing soccer and only soccer at the moment! 

I was driving home from work last night, past when I wanted to be working til, and it was upper 70’s and sunny. It was not hard to commit to a run outside and it was slow and so, so glorious. As I told my medical provider this morning, the older I get the less hoots I have to give. Moving like molasses on a main road? Don’t care who’s looking and judging, especially since I was so focused on not getting hit by a car (FOR REAL) and cursing the drivers who don’t get the EFF over into the middle turn lane when they see someone running/walking/biking on the side of the road. I will ALWAYS run INTO traffic because I don’t trust drivers whatsoever. Pretty disappointing, drivers! Get over.

I also had my annual physical today. She laughs at me for my never-ending sports-related injuries however I had to inform her today that the latest injury was caused from getting back into bed after a middle-of-the-night bathrooms break. Just your routine back into bed stuff landing me a lovely sprain/strain, or at least that’s what I’m calling it for now. I babied it for a week and it’s doing better. She laughed at me and we moved on to discussing my menstrual migraines and I learned that rebound migraines are a thing!? I told her that my imitrex makes me feel a little drunk when I need to take it and so she started me on a new med called Ubrelvy (??). We shall see! Given that we’ll be traveling the next time I’ll likely need one of the pills, I’m especially happy for the option!

Another hero-status activity off my list? Sending the girls’ birthday invites out. I was able to get the names and numbers for the few parents I don’t have on hand and nailed it. A good response thus far and the girls are getting excited. I’m getting excited for them, too! Fall is our family’s big birthday time – first Piper on September 8th, Mark on September 25th, Mark’s sister on September 28th, and Shea on October 6th. It’s also college football, back-to-school, sports, and seemingly all the things. Summer is self-inflicted chaos in the form of fun and fall is just chaos.

I’m going to a wedding tomorrow night for a close hockey bud and his wife who’s also a friend. I’ll know lots of folks at the wedding, have a fun little get-up planned (I mean, they should expect as much from me when the invite says, “Attire: Whatevs”), and a DD who’s offered to chauffeur the 30 minutes to/from. Mark is out of town so it’s just me hitting the dance floor, I guess. All good, should be a blast!

This week at work was a busy one to the tune of hiring 2 new dietitians who are eager to pursue becoming Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialists. When I say this week was CRAZY at work, I mean it was CRAZY. Mostly crazy good 🙂

We’ve got a little Midwest Indian summer going on and that’s pretty much my favorite with the exception of 2 small issues: air conditioning on or not (our upstairs heats up a lot during the day and even open windows can’t quite get it to our cave-like 66 degree sleeping temperature preference) and football has started and I WANT chili but it just doesn’t taste as good as when it’s fall-like outside. The lake is also cooling off, but I mean, Michigan kids are in that thing until October at least so it’s all good. They’ll be back in come March, too. Very little stops them!

Gina and I continue to plug away on the podcast and it is increasingly challenging to find times that work for us both. She has her side business and we both have lots of evening and weekend commitments. We love doing the show but with a dip in listenership and near radio silence on reviews weren’t wondering if the juice is worth the squeeze. Any advice? Pointers? Feedback? I welcome it all!

My credit card bill was bonkers this month for a few reasons, one of which was my children’s newfound loyalty to shirts vs dresses. For nearly 8 years, it has been dresses every day all day and now? Not so much. Shea especially, no dresses. This presents a little issue for the mother who shops a year ahead for the sales. And I get it, they want to wear what they want to wear. We’re not doing a complete overhaul, but I’m making some purchases. This weekend I want to stop by the resale sports store in town and check out their girls tops sleection. Shea is little miss sporty these days and perhaps I can land some steals!

I was reading a TON there for a bit. The House We Grew Up In by Lisa Jewell and I’ll Show Myself Out by Jessi Klein were the 2 book club books I read recently. I enjoyed both, but more so The House We Grew Up In. I’m currently reading The Paris Apartment and I like it but I don’t LOVE it, or at least not yet. I’ve honestly been sleeping so hard and have been so tired that my evening reading time is way down. But I’ve got a few books on Libby that I’ve been waiting for so I might experience a little reading surge here, we’ll see!

Mark and I started watching Virgin River on Netflix. I know, we’re like WAY late to this one, but I like it! It’s cute and easy. I mean, the end of season 1 leaves me with some questions, but the Jack-Mel drama is legit and I’m there for it! Otherwise, we’re making our way through Big Brother Season 23,230 (ha!) and the most recent season of Below Deck. Depending on what we’re doing, we either watch a show we pay attention to (Netflix) or less so (everything else). I also watched as much of the US Open as I could, but in truth, once Serena and then all the Americans were out, I lost some interest. I also enjoy watching Kyrigos…and anyone who says they don’t is LYING! 🙂

Our pics at the beach last weekend were PHENOM. I mean, seriously, she’s a total magician. She kept my kids out of the water AND made us look that good? She’s worth her weight in gold, that one! I love seeing her, dread the process, and am always OVER the moon with the result. We went to New Buffalo beach this year for the location and I am both ashamed and embarrassed to say that I’ve lives less than 30 minutes from that stunning beach for the past 10 years and have NEVER been. So, so beautiful! I felt like a tourist in my own little corner of Michigan and that was super fun!

I’m seeking ANY vegetarian delight you’d recommend. My Shea bug is STILL (mostly) a vegetarian and sometimes a pescatarian and y’all, I need help. Last night I made a bomb vegetarian dish and she was all “meh” about it while the rest of us were like, “It’s good but would be great with chicken!” Le sigh. Send me some faves, please!

My kids are also ALL about bringing their lunch from home. WHYYYYYY? I should’ve gotten really UN-cute lunch boxes, I guess. Packing lunches is beyond annoying. But, I love them.

Alright, turning towards the weekend fun! Hope you’re doing the same!

Be well,

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  1. Lisa
    September 22, 2022 / 4:43 pm

    Please keep the faith and continue with the podcast! I absolutely love listening to you two go back and forth on both family and professional topics. I recommend you to all of my friends. The topics are informative and are not something I usually hear from other podcasts. I look forward to listening to you ladies on my drive in to work!

    • Nicole Morrissey
      September 24, 2022 / 4:34 pm

      Awww, Lisa! Thank you so much for your comment! It means MORE than you know!! xoxo

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