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Family Friday (vol. 16): Baby ‘n Mama Update

Anatomy Scan Collage

Happy Friday!

A week ago we went in for baby girl’s anatomy scan – the whole gang. Mark watched the baby move while Shea snacked and silently sat in confusion, taking in all of her surroundings in the dimly lit room. She has no idea what’s going on, or maybe she does…girlfriend has been a CLINGY mess lately. Mommy, mommy, mommy!!

More importantly, everything on the anatomy scan looked good. The tech was unable to capture the heart “outputs” but that was because she was unable to capture what she needed through my belly button. I’ll have a repeat ultrasound in 4-6 weeks and I’m not complaining as I’ll get to see her again. Speaking of HER, I’ve taken to calling the baby Piper. I have no idea if that’s what name we’ll chose, but it is a name we at least agree on. Even since finding out we’re having another girl, I’ve wanted to finalize a name, but that’s a subject my better half never wants to debate or discuss 😛

April has been a busy month, but not as busy as May looks to be. And sadly, no more babymooning to look forward to – just summer…which sounds lovely in this dreary 45 degree weather. But, I’ve resumed good sleeping and manage 8+ hours most nights, have been exercising 5+ days/week – jogging, walking, tennis, and have put on 4-5 lbs this month. My weight shot up after our trip to Scottsdale the first week of the month (oops!) and has been maintaining since then.

I’ve pulled out, washed, and started wearing mostly maternity clothes. Mark likes to poke fun that my pants could double as a pant-bra duo as I prefer the maternity pants that come allllll the way up and over the belly. Hey, whatever works!

I wish the weekend weather looked nicer, but c’est la vie. I’ll stay tuned.

Be well,


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