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Family Friday (vol. 23): Are You My Father?

shea 20 month collage

Just a funny, random bit on Shea today.

When I pick her up at daycare, all of the kids in her room are very interested in whose mommy or daddy are picking up. The older kids can say things like, “Shea’s mommy” or “Shea’s daddy”…but the younger ones, like Shea, are just learning to pair words together with these types of recognition. Shea hasn’t mastered this developmental milestone just yet and so all adult men = daddy…and all adult women = mommy.

Last Friday, we were having some contractors come to the house for various things and one young air-conditioning repair guy was very confused and uncomfortable when Shea kept pointing to him saying, “Daddy! Daddy!” I mean, how to do you go about explaining that to a young 20-something?

That same day, a man was mowing the lawn across the street and she repeated over and over, “Daddy! Daddy!” while pointing directly at the man. Fortunately, there was no awkwardness in that situation.

Then yesterday, Shea and I were returning home from a walk in the wagon and I stopped to talk to our neighbor. Shea pointed to her and repeated, “Mama! Mama!” Awwwkward.

Have a super weekend 🙂

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