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Family Friday (vol. 27): …And then came week 33.

shea 21 months collage

This isn’t my first rodeo and I knew that eventually, I’d feel pregnant in all of the unpleasant ways. This pregnancy, that turn from happy-go-lucky pregnant to how-many-more-days-of-this happened at 33 weeks, on the dot. Today, I’m 34 weeks, 3 days and officially, there are 39 days until my due date. I…can…do…it!

So, what changed? I haven’t a clue.

My weight gain since my last OB appointment 2 weeks ago: Nada. I lost a pound, in fact. Total weight gain to date is a respectable 17 pounds.

I’ve had some common un-pleasantries pop up. Like indigestion. I keep Tums next to my bed. And in my office. And in my purse. And oh, frequent trips to the bathroom. I sleep in little naps, running to and from the bathroom no less than 3-4 times a night. Sometimes it’s like 6-7 bathroom trips and that’s just…ugh.

Then there’s my left thigh. It’s numb, especially after I’ve spent any length of time standing or walking. Even household chores and getting out of the house in the morning for work leave my left thigh tingling and numb. It’s a weird sensation and definitely not enjoyable. I have spent as many evening hours as possible laying on my right side, trying to take pressure off the nerve that this baby seems to be laying on. My OB has also recommended I see a chiropractor, but getting an appointment sooner rather than later has proved challenging.

There’s also the heat. I shouldn’t complain – it’s July, afterall, and we live in a beach town. It’s ideal to have a hot, hot summer…but I can’t do a thing outdoors without turning into a sweaty mess. Quite unpleasant, especially with a toddler in tow. Case in point: our maternity photos at the beach this morning. I was a sweaty mess from the start and add to that Mr. Prevention squinting in the sun and a completely uncooperative toddler, plus TONS of biting flies. Yep, it was a total disaster.

I’ve pretty much decided that I’m giving myself a bit of a reprieve during these last weeks – focusing more on making it through work, spending time with Shea before she’s no longer the one and only, and preparing mentally and physically for 2 under 2, rather than pushing myself beyond my comfortable limits to continue with my workouts and keeping up with the FitBit world. Just last night I actually removed my FitBit because I want to focus on feeling better and including workouts that are beneficial, even if they’re not “earning me” steps (swimming, stationary bike, etc). I told you, I’ve become quite obsessed with my FitBit!

Truly, however, this pregnancy has been a breeze. No morning sickness like so many women I know. No extreme fatigue. No (debilitating) carpal tunnel. No unbearable back pain starting at 14 weeks like with Shea (the back pain has just begun, but I expect that at this point in the game). I feel beyond blessed! And this little girl is active in the womb, my goodness. I never worry about her in there 🙂

Other than my due date quickly approaching, we’re starting to work on plans for go time – who will be with Shea, etc. I’m beginning to think about a tentative last day of work before maternity leave (September 1? Assuming I make it that far. I’m due September 6th). Last night was my “sprinkle” hosted by my coworkers and they are too sweet. It was a beautiful night, we dined outside, and they got me the Tula that matches the nursery. I love it!

39 days and counting down! Woo!

Happy weekend to you!

Be well,


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  1. Biz
    July 29, 2016 / 5:06 pm

    That first picture of Shea with the pig tails is my favorite – so cute! I can’t believe only 39 days, but then again, I can’t believe Shea is almost two – that went by fast, didn’t it?!

    Can’t wait to see the two girls together ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Jeanne kumka
    August 12, 2016 / 10:40 am

    Gain more, 17 isn’t nearly enough! You’re pregnant, not on a diet! I gained 40, they suggest best is between 25 and 35! I also lost it in 9 months! Same amount of time it took to put on! I had 100% natural home births with Certified Nurse Midwives for my 2 babies! What a joy each birth was, I was in charge, could walk outside, in my garden during labor. Squatted for delivery, the gravity works tremendously! Lying supine seemed impossible to push, so my one midwife suggested squatting, wow was she ever right!

    • Nicole Morrissey
      August 12, 2016 / 2:43 pm

      Jeanne, I was overweight pre-pregnancy and so 25-35 lbs is actually not recommended. ๐Ÿ™‚ My OB would’ve loved my weight gain to be 15 lbs. I’m up to 22 lbs gained at 36+3. ๐Ÿ˜›

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