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Family Friday (vol. 30): New Job, New Kitchen, New Baby (Soon…)

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When it rains, it pours. And it’s all good, but it’s all…at once. Hence why I’m not sleeping at night!

First, yes – a new job! Same health care system, same department…but I accepted the (full-time!?!) position as supervisor and coordinator. At 38 weeks pregnant. My old position as a clinical educator was wonderful and 100% patient-care focused; I worked Monday through Thursday, 7 hour days. I absolutely love(d) my schedule and it was working very well for our family and work-life balance. Recall, I joined the gym directly across the street and most days was able to work, workout, pick-up Shea, and by home by 5pm each day. It was truly the best of both worlds as a working mom. My new position is full-time, but because of the coordination piece of my new position, I have been approved to work very similar office hours and to work from home the rest of the time. I so appreciate the flexibility and am excited for the opportunity and challenge to return to diabetes education program coordination and management. My boss’s last day was yesterday and my position was effective this past week. It really hasn’t hit me yet…perhaps because I’m 38 1/2 weeks pregnant!

Second, our kitchen. Cabinets have been ordered and demo is on the calendar to begin September 12th. Let’s just say that I’ll be enlisting the help of baby visitors to move everything OUT of the kitchen…and to where, I’m not quite sure. Hopefully they don’t mind too much 😉 My maternity leave should be a complicated time for many reasons, but by the time I return to work…I should have my DREAM kitchen. There will be before and after pictures and I can’t wait to share them!

Last, this baby…due in 11 short days! I’m feeling pretty darn good all things considered. Shea and I completed our last parent-tot gymnastics class yesterday and despite my jabs at the instructor that her class would send me into labor, I’m still very pregnant! My plan is to work through next week and see what happens from there. If I’m still pregnant after the Labor Day weekend, I just may head to work. Why not!? I am so incredibly thankful for a smooth pregnancy. Of course I’m feeling some aches and pains, especially by the end of the day, but my goodness…that has to be expected at this point, right? 🙂

All that said about a smooth pregnancy, for all of the reasons above, I have struggled with sleep and anxiety this past week. And not just, “oh that sucks” anxiety but anxiety to the point my OB received a call from me first thing Monday morning and they wanted to see me in the office ASAP. Sunday night was miserable – to the tune of 3 hours wide awake, pacing the halls of our upstairs, calling my mom at 1:30am “just to talk”, anxious to the point I wanted to crawl out of my own skin, and simply unable to CALM DOWN. I had Mr. Prevention worried and he wasn’t sure how to help. It’s simply a lot of changes all at once and my OB suggested Tylenol PM for some help sleeping. Since Monday, I’ve been doing a lot better, but night time is definitely the time my mind races, worries, plans, flips out, over-thinks, anticipates, and goes absolutely looney. Of course as I lay there unable to sleep, I stress about not sleeping because…a baby is coming and therefore sleep will become a figment of my imagination. It’s a vicious, vicious cycle.

Whew. There’s my update! Looking forward to a relaxing weekend – I hope you are, too!

Oh, and photo credit to the wonderful Kitty Lee Photography for our family & maternity photos. I love them!

Be well,


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  1. Andrea@WellnessNotes
    August 27, 2016 / 9:40 am

    That’s a lot of changes for sure! I LOVE the photos!!! Looking forward to seeing your little addition soon!

    Try to take it one day at a time and remember that most things we worry about never happen! I am a big worrier, so I know that’s easier said than done…

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    • Nicole Morrissey
      August 27, 2016 / 10:18 am

      Thank you, Andrea! ๐Ÿ™‚

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