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Family Friday (vol. 35): Just Some Ramblings…


I want to blab about various things today, so…bear with me!

First, GO CUBS GO! I grew up watching the Cubs with my grandpa who passed when I was in middle school. He and I were close and memories of watching the Cubs on his 13-inch black and white TV are some of my fondest. He forever wore a mesh-backed Cubs baseball cap and rooted on his favorite team, watching daily. While I wish he were alive for the celebration, I know he’s smiling in heaven. Watching the game was somewhat emotional when they had FINALLY won. You know this mama doesn’t stay up until 1am for anything short of a miracle…and as far as the Cubs are concerned, that may be the closest I get to a miracle in this lifetime 😉 So, yay! As a Chicago native and life-long Cubs fan, I am thrilled for their success! I’m also glad I got to go to a game at Wrigley this year 🙂

In other news, yesterday was my first day back to work and thus, Piper’s first day of daycare. She’s at the same daycare as Shea which makes the drop-off-pick-up gig a bit easier. Mind you, there’s nothing easy about schlepping a 2 year-old and an 8-week-old infant in and out of a car and into a building. Piper continues to find disfavor with the bottle and that created some unease for me as I walked into work. Her caregivers had promised updates and I received one around 10am stating that Piper was not taking the bottle well. Seeing as I received the text 10 minutes after I finished pumping (and I had an 11am patient appointment), I texted back that I would come over on my lunch break to nurse her. So, I did. She did a bit better in the afternoon and took most of a bottle from one of the women. Unfortunately, there was only one of the women (of 3) who successfully got Piper to take the bottle…and there was a LOT of wasted milk. Gah! Liquid gold! So…we’re going to continue working on this little bottle situation (as we have for the past month…). My welcome back to work was warm and wonderful, though. There was a “Welcome Back!” sign on my office door and a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Definitely blessed with kind, thoughtful coworkers. It was a great first day back and I’m glad to be easing in slowly with just 2 days/week of work through the end of the year.

Mark is back from India after a week. Oy! Fortunately, our babysitter was my stand-in husband for the week and was around in the evenings from 5-8pm to help me with the whole dinner/bath/bed routine. I continue to be very sensitive to Shea’s new role as a big sister and I try everything in my power to give her “her time” in the evenings. At one point this week, I had both girls on my lap, one on each leg as I sat Indian-style on the floor or our TV room and I soaked up every second…because the night before that had been a complete and total cry fest for both girls. Oy vey!

I chopped off my hair and am no longer my natural blonde. I was ready for a change (before & after)! Makes me look a lot younger 😛 It will take some getting used to, but I was finding myself getting lazy with my super long hair and never really doing much with it – mousse and air dry, bam. It always looked okay-ish, but never good. Shorter hair forces the issue on having to actually DO my hair. And, I’m kind of obsessed with my new Paul Mitchell wand.

We have no real plans this weekend and I’m excited for that. On Sunday I am returning to hockey! I have a game at 5pm and I can’t wait to get on the ice – it has been about 9 months since I last played. I hope I’m not too rusty 😉 I play in South Bend, Indiana which is about 45 minutes away, so getting to a game and back is a 3 hour event. We haven’t decided if the girls will be coming with, or if Mark will brave flying solo with them (and the bottle-hating Piper) for that long.

Off to the grocery store for chili ingredients! Have a wonderful weekend!

Be well,


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