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Family Friday (vol. 49): Where’s June?

May hasn’t been all bad, but this week has been a doozie.

Monday started with going home mid-day to fire the babysitter on the spot…then scrambling to find coverage for the rest of the day and the rest of the week. All of this on top of being sick, mind you.

Tuesday was status quo, but sick. You guys, this cough is BRUTAL. Mark looks at me and cringes when I start hacking away. And once I start, it’s hard to stop. It just keeps on coming…

Wednesday I finally decided to go to my PCP. Upper respiratory infection, likely viral. He basically said, “Since you’re breastfeeding, no meds…tough it out.” Waaaah. Mark worked late and the girls showed me some grace. I actually cooked a dinner that we all ate together. It was photographed and cleaned up before Mr. Prevention walked in the house around 7pm, just in time to help with the bedtime routine. Small victories!

Thursday morning I woke up COVERED in hives. I was literally on the carpet, scratching like a dog. Quite the site at 6:30am, let me tell you. Off to urgent care I went…except I thought they opened at 9am and it was actually 10am. Needless to say, I was the first in line. Result? Nada. I had already taken some Claritin for the hives after consulting Dr. Google and the symptoms had drastically subsided. I had snapped a picture of my belly, however, and the PA confirmed with one quick little glance, “Whoa, yep…definitely hives.” Because he didn’t think it was related to my respiratory infection, we’re blaming it on my new body wash. The timeline makes sense.

Friday, here we are. One of my besties is on her way here from Cincinnati and I just hope 1. we can rally and show her a good time! and 2. she doesn’t leave sick!

Tonight, dinner! Only, where can we go that won’t be infested with tourists with this kickoff to summer weekend? Hmmm. Tomorrow? Breweries and/or wineries, sans children. Illness, exit stage right ANY time now. I’ve got PLANS.

There’s always June to look forward to, too (as I type from beneath a blanket). And it should go without saying that we’ll have the 70’s through October, amIrightoramIright? Right.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Be well,

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  1. Biz
    May 28, 2017 / 6:30 pm

    Wow, sorry the babysitter had to be fired like that! I’ve gotten bronchitis twice this year already – and it lingers for three weeks and goes away as quickly as it starts.

    Glad you were able to bump into Jacky yesterday! She needs to bring me next time ๐Ÿ˜€

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