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Family Friday (vol. 50): Shea-isms and Piper Reese

I left work at 2:30pm yesterday, utilizing some precious PTO to…exercise! I know, crazy. With Mark being in London all week, I haven’t carved out that time for ME and so…I did. A little unorthodox, but it worked. I even opted to stay inside on the treadmill so that I could (finally) watch the French Open semifinals. Yes, the tournament ended about 10 days ago, but I’m perfectly happy recording all bazillion hours of grand slam tennis and watching them when I have time.

If you have been following along, it was breaking news that Piper slept through the night THREE nights in a row – Saturday, Sunday, and Monday of this past week. Since then, she’s had her usual wake-up sometime between 3 and 4am, but those three nights of sleep show promise! The curious thing will be to see whether sleep begets sleep with her. She has napped HORRIBLY at daycare this week and I’ll bet that could be causing her to wake at night. She napped like a dream today, so we’ll see what tonight brings. The good news? My body is SO used to getting up with the baby at this point and I’ve recently convinced myself to just enjoy the time because 1. she’s 9+ months – we’ve GOT to be through the thick of it, 2. she’s probably my last baby – soak it in! and 3. she’s quick about it and I’m fortunate enough to fall back to sleep instantly.

I must say, though…Piper and I have really turned a corner. She’s such a little spitfire and some days seem forever long. But her personality is blossoming and her affection for me is strong. She loves to be by me/on me/held by me/within sight of me at all times and yet her separation anxiety is little to none. She has developed a deep affection for her duck lovie and just learned to clap – it’s quite possibly the cutest thing ever. In the past week or so, she has also taken to food much more so – she’s enjoying bananas, salmon, broccoli, asparagus, chicken, pasta, yogurt, sausage, smoothies…lots of variety! She continues to breastfeed just once a day and some days none at all, but between lots of pumping and my stash of milk in the freezer, we may get to a year!

Shea is very 2 – very irrational, opinionated…and so cute. The more she learns about…everything…the more she cares about everything. She’s suddenly very concerned about her hair, what shoes she wears, what side of her plate her milk is placed on…the list goes on and on. She seems to grasp concepts such as Mark being gone for work and being on an airplane and has a good memory, too. If you tell her we’re going to do something over the weekend (i.e. strawberry picking or the park), she will NOT forget. Recently she has started to say some funny things like, “That’s ridiculous!” She thinks pistachios are little coconuts and there’s no convincing her otherwise. She would choose milk over any food. She absolutely LOVES cold water – running through the sprinkle, playing in the hose, or running through the sprinkler. I can’t wait to get her in Lake Michigan this summer!

Now, if summer would just slow down a bit and the temperature could hover around 78 with the humidity at 0% (ha)…it would be fabulous!

Have a WONDERFUL weekend!

Be well,



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