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Family Friday (vol. 66): Le sigh. Where’s next week?

As you may have read, the week started off poorly. I fell…ouch. Lily was sick and I left Tuesday morning to drive her 3 hours across the state to see the cardiologist. Thankfully, she seems to have rebounded and all checked out. She’s not a spring chicken and she has some chronic health conditions that we’re managing.

When I got home with Piper on Thursday, she was clingy and looked horrible. I figured it was simply due to a too short nap, but she refused dinner and sat on my lap while I ate my dinner. She proceeded to throw up all over herself, me, and the kitchen floor. I ran her up to the bath and a few hours later, offered her crackers and water. She has seemed okay ever since but I took her to the pediatrician just to rule out flu, ear infection, whatever.

I was looking forward to my parents visiting this weekend, but due to some work stuff coming up for my mom and flooding causing widespread issues in the mid west, including their poor basement, they are staying home this weekend. So, absolutely no weekend plans. Blah.

Between Lily, some early work meetings, and some ongoing ankle pain, my workouts this week have been minimal. I missed my hockey game on Monday night after the fall and skipped my runs for the week. I was happy to squeeze in a run today, but I’m looking forward to my morning workouts next week. Never thought I’d say such a thing, but it’s true!

We’re officially on countdown to spring break – we’re going to Cancun! I have a feeling the next 6 weeks will drag! Just for fun, we’re starting to think about where we’ll travel to next year for our 10 year wedding anniversary. How is it possible we’ve been married that long?! Time flies.

I’m also getting SUPER excited for my bestie’s wedding the second weekend in April. It will be a fun, long weekend in Cincinnati celebrating a girl I love so much!

So, let’s just fast forward through March, mmkay? Pretty please?

Work, stay manageable. Lily, stay healthy. Kids, you stay healthy, too. Weather, get better. I need some vitamin D!

Weekend, bring it!

Be well,

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