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Family Friday (vol. 75): Fall Frenzy

For the first time as a mom, I’m feeling a bit of the fall frenzy that parents dread this time of year. It was overnight that we went from long summer days to new teachers, school supplies, back-to-school nights, and Shea in tennis and swimming seemingly overnight. Mark’s work travel up-ticked and things at work got busier. Oh, and hockey resumed for me…and started for Mark! In case you missed it, he is now playing in a BAD (Beginner Adult Development) league! Our Sunday evenings went from prep for the week and family dinners to hockey and swapping kids during ice resurfacing to get them home for bed.

Both of Shea’s boyfriends have moved on — one to kindergarten in the public schools and one to the K-1st class at the Montessori. She’ll need to find some new cuties to crush on! Piper is beginning to potty train – she had a successful attempt on her birthday last weekend! Hopefully with an older sister to show her the ropes she’ll be a quick study. At Piper’s 2-year well child appointment, she measured above the 99th percentile for weight. The doctor wanted her to jump and she stubbornly refused until he started typing at which point she says, “Watch me!” and proceeded to jump and jump and jump, demanding him to “WATCH!!” Little stinker. The girl seems to eat nearly anything and a LOT of it — I wasn’t all that surprised to find out she’s growing like a weed. It also makes more sense as to why so many people have started asking if the girls are twins. At 23 months apart, their size difference is quickly narrowing. If I were a betting woman (which I am), Shea will be short and solid like me and Piper will be tall and thin like Mark. We’ll see.

We’re going to try and rent a boat again this weekend. It’s going to be in the low 80’s (however the water temps have dropped dramatically) and SUNNY! Viva la summer! We’ve thoroughly enjoyed boat rentals and the girls are little guppies in the water with their puddle jumpers on (seriously, those are the best assistive devices for safe swimming. Brilliant.) Shea continues in swimming lessons which are great and she seems to enjoy them. She’s certainly a better swimmer than she is as a tennis player – SO funny!

Our new nanny, Jess, is incredible. She picks up the girls around 3pm and they’ve had lots of fun together – the park, the beach, the pool. And cuddles! She enjoys Shea’s cuddly nature and Piper’s cuddles when she’s in the mood 😉 She fits in our family perfectly after just a few days and we feel fortunate to have found her. She is truly an extension of myself and is making week days a lot less stressful!

Piper’s 2nd birthday was a lot of fun. We had birthday celebrations with both families and I’m only sad that she’s officially a toddler. She continues being fearless, TOUGH, fun-loving, and so adoring of her big sister. Her language is exploding and she loves going to school each morning. She marches right in and never looks back. Both of my kids are so confident, social, and open to new experiences — I hope that their sure footedness (not a word, I know!) remains a trait that grows with them.

Together, the girls can be a bit of a handful. We’re in the process of figuring out how to get nail polish off Shea’s bedroom wall…as well as the carpet and the back side of a recliner. Shea reported, “We wanted to paint the wall!” NOT HAPPY. This is all while Mark took a 5 minute shower right outside Shea’s bedroom. This is affirmation that the TV is the best babysitter when in need of grabbing a quick shower or running out to get the mail.

We’re starting to figure out Halloween. For some time their favorite movie was Trolls and I had my heart set on them being Poppy and Lady Glitter Sparkles. I mean, how cute would that have been!? I believe this has been vetoed for Shimmer and Shine — two little genies in this obnoxiously girly show that they’re obsessed with. Am I the only mom who has girls who love this show? Halloween will be upon us in no time and for me, Oktoberfest…in Munich! I’ve got my dirndl fitting on Monday and hope it will fit better around the shoulders after she works a bit of magic on it. I guess I don’t have enough to properly fill the bosom area – ha!

Other life updates include: my brother’s gender reveal party next weekend (I’m going to be an aunt!), Shea turning 4, we’re attempting family pictures at the beach next weekend (c’mon, weather!) and my podcast with Gina from The Candid RD this fall!

On the docket this weekend is family and friend time and football! Chili, too!

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  1. Stacey
    September 17, 2018 / 9:57 am

    Nope, it gets watched at our house too ๐Ÿ™‚ It seems about as pointless as Sunny Day, ha. I can’t wait to see how you pull off the hairstyles ๐Ÿ™‚ I believe we’re going to be Rapunzel!

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