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Family Friday (vol. 76): Full Heart

We’ve had a really great birthday season and start to the school year — it gives me the perfect opportunity to reflect on how blessed we are. Cheesy, yeah yeah. Health and happiness – it’s really what it’s all about. In just the past few weeks, we’ve been to Germany for Oktoberfest, booked a trip to Cancun over NYE, went to a water park and apple picking, and Mark and I even got to play hockey together on Wednesday night! He needs so more practice, but he’s doing great 😉

A few weeks ago, we had a great family shoot at the beach. Late September last year was stunning and we lucked out again this year. The sand was cold but no one seemed to mind. Plus, I’ll take cold sand over hot and steamy temps that leave my hair a hot mess and my body dripping in sweat.

Anyway, the family pictures in this post are from that shoot.

The one above is from Oktoberfest. SO FUN.

Shea survived her 4-year well child appointment where she got a finger stick to check her hemoglobin level (she laughed…) and then, 2 shots. She initially screamed BLOODY MURDER (in my ear…) after having recently survived Flu Shot Season 2018 and learning what it’s like to get a shot, but to my very pleasant surprise, she got brave-ish. And distracted with a lollipop. She cried just a bit and has been flashing her band-aids ever since, happy to share with anyone willing to listen how she survived the doctor. Let me tell you, though…girl is a CHAMP when it comes to peeing in a cup. I guess we all have our strengths.

Piper is fully owning her position as the baby of the family. She has swapped her independence for neediness, playing the role of baby, and wanting only mom at times. Here is where I admit that I totally love it. She is my last baby and I’m more than happy to savor it as long as I can. She continues to be my favorite child to feed because she hasn’t learned that she can boycott vegetables or have a say in what she gets served. She continues to be fearless, insists on carrying her own backpack into school each morning, and marches into her little classroom of toddlers never looking back and never able to be bothered to hug me, kiss me, or even to blow me a kiss. She stays up until nearly 10pm reading books in her crib and is awake long before her sister, but happy to sit in her crib and read books. She’s starting to learn her colors but she officially knows none of them. She can count to 12, however, and knows the words to many children’s songs.

We’re in Champaign for a weekend visiting Mark’s family, going to an Illini game, and visiting all of Mark’s favorite places to both eat and drink. There’s several new places we’d like to get to and that may just happen with grandma and grandpa on kid watch 😉

Happy weekend and GO ILLINI!

Be well,

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