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Family Friday (vol. 90): Hawaii Dreaming in the Frozen Tundra

It’s late Friday afternoon and I’ve had a highly productive day. The kids have been engrossed in making valentines and are showing no signs of stir craziness. They must realize it is SO FREAKING COLD outside. I’ve never seen a dog do her business quite so quickly – it’s rather impressive, actually. Next Wednesday is a HIGH of -1. WHAT IS THAT?! My tennis coach said that these temperatures are record-breaking low. Ugh. I also learned that schools are cancelled if temperatures are -15 with wind chill and so I’m bracing myself for the morning scramble of what to do with my kids when daycare closes. It happened Monday of this week due to pipes freezing and it happened on Wednesday due to snow. I should have found a daycare that prorates tuition in such instances…

After I ruined Mark’s surprise of returning from India a day early, we arranged for a babysitter last Saturday and went to a brewery and out for dinner. Except, I had started feeling pretty crappy. I had stomach cramps and nausea. It was very bizarre. When the symptoms worsened on Sunday and I slept much of the day before skipping my hockey game and eating next to nothing, I knew something was up – I don’t miss meals. On Monday, I made an appointment with my PCP, convinced it was appendicitis or something. She ruled that out but said it was either a viral bug or my gallbladder. I went back to work, ate a bit for lunch, and experienced radiating pain between my shoulder blades. I sent my PCP a quick note and she ordered an abdominal ultrasound. My symptoms continued but by Wednesday morning when the ultrasound was scheduled, I had started feeling a bit better. I moved forward and got negative results from the ultrasound on Thursday. Come today, I’m feeling nearly back to 100%. Guess it was something viral…but I think I had a little gallbladder issue sprinkled in there, too. It wouldn’t be the first time. So, $600 later, I had a viral something and a week of no cooking (until last night), little eating, and little exercise. Glad to be back on my feet especially since Mark is suffering from yet another man cold.

In the evenings, we’ve been starting to plan our trip to Maui. Thanks for all the recommendations so far! I’m getting SO excited! We are typically not ones to plan out a full itinerary, but Hawaii is so dang expensive, we want to be sure we get to do and see all that we can while we’re there. With scheduled pool and beach time, too! Some of the restaurants in Maui look absolutely incredible and just looking at pictures online of traditional luaus makes me want to hop on a plane….yesterday.

We have no plans this weekend. Gina and I are recording a podcast episode tomorrow morning and we’ve got a date night planned on Saturday. Otherwise, hockey, TV, hockey, Peloton, and church before it’s back to the grind. I’ll soak up some cuddles with my girlfriends because lately, I feel like I no longer have babies. I have 2 little girls that are 2 going on 20 and 4 going on 14. I’m not sure which is worse. Lately, the nanny and Mark have been telling me that if I ignore the kids they’re better behaved. Currently, they’re playing in the bathroom, lights off, with a flashlight. Before that, they entertained themselves with a couple of baby blankets on the floor for a solid hour. There may be some truth to this whole hands-off parenting business. 😉

I’m going to Seattle next week to help my sister-in-law shop for wedding dresses! Can’t wait! It will be a nice little break and it certainly isn’t any colder there. She’s going to be a beautiful bride and I am both anxious and curious to see what she picks out for her big day!

My niece, Ava, is still in the NICU. She’s 8 days old and it is now assumed that she was born closer to 35 weeks and not 38 weeks as originally thought. She has been getting caffeine to help get her a bit more alert and interested in eating. She still has a feeding tube but is off oxygen so that’s wonderful news. I am yet to meet her – grandparents only are allowed in the NICU. I get it, but I can’t wait to snuggle that angel baby. She has the most beautiful features and that Filipino skin is gorgeous! Maybe this week if I can swing it before Seattle – fingers crossed!

I’m heading to drop-in hockey in a bit after coming up empty for happy hour goers. Exercise is probably a better choice, especially after several days without exercise on account of illness. Afterwards I’ll probably cuddle up with the TV remote and try to get caught up with the Australian Open…unless Mark wants to binge on one of our shows: Shameless, 90 Day Fiance, or Married at First Sight. I tell ya, we have excellent taste in programming.

Stay warm and happy weekend!

Be well,

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