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Family Friday (vol. 95): Happy Mother’s Day!

Kid moms, adult mom, pet moms – you’re all amazing! Dads too, but we celebrate you in June 😉 May is for the moms. And I don’t know about other moms, but I’m claiming the whole damn weekend! And if I’m being perfectly honest, Mother’s Day is probably my favorite “holiday” because there are not enough thank yous, kisses, foot rubs, or pay days the other 364 days to make mommin’ an appreciated-enough role.

My Mother’s Day weekend started with work. I took the iPad into the office and let me tell you, our efforts to reserve iPad use for desperate times has paid off. I turn that puppy on and it is SILENCE FOR HOURS. I was able to get some serious work done at the office before we enjoyed lunch with a coworker and headed home for naps.

Plural. Napsssss. Piper – down. And eventually, after playing by herself for an hour or two, Shea helped herself to a little afternoon snooze, too. At 4-and-a-half this is a near never-event and so it must be commemorated. On Mother’s Day weekend, nonetheless.

Mark and I had our first night out since Maui (over a month ago, for the record) and so while that hasn’t been THAT long, we’re a couple who goes out nearly every weekend for a date. So, yeah, the past 5 weeks have seemed long…because mommin’ aint easy. We checked out a renovated bar, observed drop-in hockey (‘cauce why not?) and headed out for seafood. He ordered off the bar menu and I ordered the seafood PLATTER – lobster tail and all. HASHTAG WELLDESERVED.

Today was broken up a bit by a visit to Shea’s classroom for “Muffins with Mom”. It was chaos but truly, one of the events I love most at her school. Carbohydrates and singing pre-schoolers – what more could a mother want? Shea did amazing and her dimple was front and center, showing proudly.

Tomorrow is Shea’s first t-ball game and of course, her hat is MIA. I’m that mom, you guys. So embarrassing. I’m sure it’ll show up somewhere, right as the season wraps up. Mark wore it last weekend to do yardwork because obviosuly that made the most sense of all his available options. I’m very curious to see how this t-ball “game” goes down. Should be good entertainment for my parents and brother who will be in for the day visiting from Chicago. The carnitas are slow cooking away as I am headed to bed and it that doesn’t make a person feel accomplished…just sayin’.

We have no other plans this weekend and my only request is a silent hour or two so that I might actually be prepared for my book club the week after next. I’ve been hitting the pillow at night and out instantly, so reading has been a thing of the past. Oh, Maui. How I miss thee. 

Our summer visitors are lining up and we’re over here thinking we should be safe to put things in the ground being that it’s Mother’s Day weekend and yet…frost threatens us every evening. If it weren’t for the out-of-towner’s licenses plates showing up, I’d never know summer was drawing nearer.

Wising all the moms out there a much deserved weekend of pampering, love, and adoration.

Be well,

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