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Family Friday (vol. 97): Can I Take an Early Retirement?

You guys, I’m not kidding. Working during the summer in Michigan is just shy of torture. We get so few GORGEOUS days and to waste them indoors and/or at a computer seems sinful. Seriously! I’ve been using PTO here and there (for no “good reason”) and no regrets! I’ve decided that this summer, I’m going to take the paid time off and just…enjoy. Enjoy the kids, enjoy the lake, enjoy the sun. Beach days are not taken for granted in my life. There’s far too few of them for that silliness!

Our summer visitors are lining up. Per the usual. We love it! I’ve got some nasty Truly cocktails with Gina’s name on them for next weekend! 😉 My podcast co-host and her family will be here and we’ll be doing wineries, the beach, the pool, the podcast…a photoshoot! We have big plans! Cannot wait!

Mark is back in town after a week of travel. The girsl and I surveived just fine, especially since we skipped one of Shea’s t-ball games. No regrets. I’m sorry, but 4 t-ball games in a single week is too much for a 4-year-0ld and so we skipped the one that interfered with bedtime on a school night.

I got some of those cord hair ties – love them. Not sure why it took me so long.

I’m loving the book I’m reading – a “palate cleanser” recommended to me by my friend and head of my book club. It’s called One True Loves by Taylor Jenkins Reid. So fun and easy to read. I’ve been bogged down by some heavy reads and I needed something light and fun.

I spent some money at Loft (online) – big sale and loving some of my new clothes…one of which is a skort jumpsuit. I never thought I’d see the day, but it actually looks cute on me! I’m enjoying the “wrapped” look this season. It’s a better look for me and my mom bod than crop tops 🙂

I’ve been spending a lot of evening time watching either the Stanley Cup playoffs, Roland Garros (aka the French Open), or catching up on The Bachelorette. Mark and I have been binging on Schitt’s Creek on Netflix (MUST WATCH!) and so I’m behind on tennis and staying up way too late for hockey. Yep…morning workouts are not happening and so I’m sneaking them in after work. I’m planning to run tomorrow because every workout as of late (other than hockey and tennis) has been a Peloton ride. And while I love it, variety is good and I’m no longer feeling like a runner. At all. Whatsoever. I need to get some pavement miles in. Hockey must use similar quad muscles as hockey because often on Sundays at hockey, my legs feel SPENT. Wah, wah, wah…I know.

I had my biometric screening for work and as usual, I was dreading it. Come to find out, I am down 6 pounds from last year and my A1c went from 5.2% to 4.8%! I was so happy! I really think that these high intensity spin workouts are paying off. (I’m still going for a run tomorrow!)

I’m at a complete loss as to what to get Mark for Father’s Day. My dad requested some shorts – he provided the website, style, color, and size. Easy peasy. So far for Mark I’ve ordered some beef jerky. He is truly impossible to buy for! Ideas, please??

Looking forward to 90 minute (!!) couples massages tomorrow – they were a Christmas gift from my mom and my sciatica and lower back cannot wait! Rub up on those buns, puh-lease! Ha!

Okay, tennis watching time. Have a fab weekend – catch ya Sunday with a recipe!

Be well,


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