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Family Friday (vol. 98): Hi-ya, July! A Morrissey Family Update.

I didn’t realize it had been over a month since my last Family Friday post, but just like summertime, time flies by way too quickly. We’re in mid-July and yep, I’m not too happy about it!

I returned to work on Monday after a little staycation over the July 4th holiday and my birthday (July 2). I had so much fun that just today I scheduled a second staycation around Labor Day. A girl could get used to 5-day weekends, right?! I have no real plans other than getting in some good workouts and DEFINITELY making it to the beach…alone…and with my Kindle. That somehow didn’t happen during my last staycation, but I think I did everything else fun – a massage, a pedicure, a run along the beach.

Shea is turning into a bronzed beauty. Even with sunscreen galore, her skin is this perfect sun-kissed summer glow. No idea where she got it but I’m sure jealous! She’s also sprouting freckles like crazy and between Mark and I — there’s no surprise there. I had to give her a little trim last weekend after the ultra-blonde tips of her hair were turning green from chlorine. It has helped some of the hair tangle woes, but the girl still has a ton of hair. She can swim SO well and doesn’t use a puddle jumper at all. She loves to be shoved under water to retrieve diving rings and sticks from the bottom of the pool. She’s definitely my summertime girl! She’s looking forward to changing rooms at the Montessori next month. Thanks to the girls’ fall birthdays, I’ve got 2 extra years of daycare tuition coming my way. YAY!

Piper is fully potty trained (with an insurance pull-up at night that is 95% of the time dry) and has no use for heat. She loves swimming and all of that, but unless she’s in water, she’s complaining about being “too hot”. Her little nose beads up with sweat and between Mark and I — I know where she gets it. She continues to be a mama’s girl and I’m learning that she’s rather sensitive. The other day she was supposed to be changing into clean panties and instead helped herself onto her changing table (the one I need to get rid of) and helped herself to a TON of lotion – it was all over her and the furniture. I raised my voice (big time) and she burst into tears and cried/sobbed for the next 30 minutes, unable to settle down, even after calmly explaining why I got upset, apologizing for raising my voice, etc. I finally offered her a hug and that seemed to help. The last time she was in childcare at the gym she decided to do a summersault…right into a little guy. I scolded her and she burst into tears – not because she was hurt but because she thought she hurt the baby. And probably because she got scolded, too. But she’s my trouble maker, I think. She definitely has the guilty-as-h-e-double-hockey-sticks grin mastered. Yet, very sensitive at the same time. 🙂

Mark has some upcoming travel so our evenings will be easy meals and lots of snuggles. We tend to just simplify and enjoy when he’s gone – our girl time! It helps make his time away go by more quickly, it seems. I also can’t complain – his work travel hasn’t been much this summer at all.

August is looking to be BUSY – my niece’s baptism is early in the month, my father-in-law retires and we have his party to attend, I’m hosting my bestie’s baby shower in Chicago, AND my sister-in-law is getting married in Seattle. Whoa. This girl is not used to so many social engagements and travel. I will need to get organized and keep my cool, no doubt! And looking at the craziness of the month, is exactly why I thought a staycation at the end of it all was a good idea!

My back is starting to feel better – I was struggling with a lot of low back pain in June and through this month. I got a new chair back support at work, am working on my posture on the spin bike, and I’m trying to do more stretching and core exercises. As shared on the latest podcast episode, cross-training is on my second half of 2019 goals.

Mark and I have a date night tonight – no clue what we’ll do but looking forward to it! After a beach day with my parents and brother tomorrow, Sunday will be a double-header hockey game that should have me nice and pooped to start the work week! 😛

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!

Be well,


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  1. Colleen
    July 13, 2019 / 11:36 am

    You have a beautiful family Nicole. Just a thanks for the wonderful recipes.

    • Nicole Morrissey
      July 15, 2019 / 2:31 pm

      Thanks so much, Colleen! <3

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