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Shea’s 1st Birthday!

Shea Birthday 2

I haven’t planned a weekly menu. I haven’t done much other than soak up my family and our little (nearly) 1-year-old. This time last year, I couldn’t wait to meet her and now she’s, like, a little person. Sigh. Time flies.

In an effort to get ready for work on time in the mornings, we discovered Disney Junior rather early on. It was around 7ish months that Shea could sit up unassisted and smile at the bright, colorful, friendly faces on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. The show airs every morning at 7:30am EST and that’s precisely when I’m trying to get ready for work.

Shea Birthday 1

Against AAP recommendations, Shea has consistently watched about 20 minutes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse every weekday morning. She has gone from enjoying the “theme song” and “hot dog dance” to being engrossed in the entire show (18-20 minutes). She points at the TV, smiles, dances…it’s darling.

While I knew her 1st birthday was not going to be a big to-do, I did want to make it fun. Simple, but fun. And thanks to party stores and Pinterest, my creativity ran away with the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme. You only turn 1 once, right!?

Shea Birthday 3

I knew I had to incorporate some of Shea’s favorite foods into the menu (salmon and avocado) so I kept that in mind. I also wanted something quick and easy that everyone would enjoy. There are great YouTube directions on how to get the Disney font if you wish to make menu item tent cards 🙂

  • “Hot Diggity Dogs” = pigs in a blanket
  • “Chips and Dale” –> chips and salsa + guacamole (homemade)
  • Cheese and crackers = “Donald’s Cheese and Quackers”
  • “Club House” Sandwiches …build-your-own sandwich/sub bar
  • “Minnie’s Bow Tie Pasta Salad” – bow tie pasta with pesto, roasted asparagus, and salmon
  • Caesar salad made with zoodles –> “Oh Toodles Noodes”
  • Best Chocolate Cake with The Best Chocolate Buttercream Frosting (OMG)
  • Apple Pie Sangria aptly named “Pluto’s (Adult) Punch”

Shea Birthday 5

We had lunch. Shea went down for a 2 hour (!) nap and after waking, she “opened” gifts, and then on to the smash cake (same cake as ours, just a single layer and much smaller). Friends and family convinced me not to do anything “healthier” for the smash cake and to go for the real deal. She didn’t really smash the cake, but she went from not knowing what to do with it, to quickly picking at the frosting and thoroughly enjoying. It’s safe so say she loves chocolate!

Shea Birthday 4

It was a very fun day and I think Shea enjoyed herself very much. I know I sure did!

Back with a recipe VERY soon!

Be well,


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  1. Mary @ flavorRD
    October 4, 2015 / 7:10 pm

    Congrats on making it through the first year!! Looks like a great celebration and Shea is too precious… that first photo post-cake is hilarious, like godzilla destroying Tokyo haha!

  2. Biz
    October 5, 2015 / 3:06 pm

    She’s absolutely beautiful – and I think my age two Hannah could watch Little Mermaid all the way through – and sometimes she’d be so engrossed I wondered if she even blinked her eyes!

    Happy 1 Year Baby Shea!

  3. James Adcock
    October 21, 2015 / 8:15 am

    I regular top blog readers, and your blog is in my one of top blog reading list, I really love and like reading your blogs! And I really liked this post as well.. All the best keep writing.

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