Skillet BBQ Chicken Pasta

You know a Monday doesn’t go all that well when on your way home from work you stop into a Walgreens for a 2012 day planner and come out with a day planner and a 6-pack of Sam Adams Winter Lager. Don’t judge, it was a long day. And I only had one lager.

Where do I start with yesterday? Perhaps I jinxed myself…who knows. But as planned, the day was torture.

Was it the 1 hour and 45 minutes I spent in morning traffic getting to court? The 2 blocks I booked it to the court room to be on time? The 1 hour and 45 minutes I spent waiting in court only to be told my “not guilty” plea would earn me another 10 day wait for a piece of mail informing me of my next court date? The unpaid 2-hour meter that I, lord-loving, dodged a parking ticket in? Should I mention that I hadn’t had breakfast (running late) and couldn’t leave the courtroom to use the bathroom after feeding my coffee addiction in the way of 20 glorious ounces?

Then there was the 1 hour drive to the clinic..and then loads of work to do. And then off for another hour drive to go administer an exam. And then a 40-minute drive home (that included a pit stop for a 2012 planner and Sam Adams).

Did I mention it rained all…day…long? ‘Cause it did. Tomorrow, too. How lucky can one rain-hating girl get?

Without a doubt, the highlight of this week was Sunday night when I made this dish (things can only improve from here, I imagine). Sadly, I was SO excited to try this meal that my photo-taking resulted in very sub-par results. So firstly, don’t judge this recipe by its looks and secondly, make this recipe for a pick-me-up…or just because it rocked Mr. Prevention’s world. It’s simple, requires one skillet, and it’s some serious comfort food packing lots of flavor. Who said barbecue season was over? (Says the girl in Ohio who’s told to expect snow tomorrow…)

Today will be a better day. I feel it just typing that “out loud” :)



  1. This looks like something my hubby would love too! Your photography is getting better with each post Nicole- not that it was EVER bad but I’m so impressed with the photos you’re taking! :)

  2. Sorry to hear that you had a rough day – at least you had this delicious meal to come home to! It looks delicious and your pictures look beautiful! :-)

  3. Whoa! I’m surprised you only had one lager! That sounds like quite a day. And I get so cranky when I haven’t eaten, so I probably would have been MISERABLE in that court room!
    The pasta sounds marvelous. I think Nick would be stunned if I handed him a bowl of pasta with sour cream, BBQ, AND cheese! I gotta do it.
    I hope today is a better one for you Nicole.

    • I changed the sour cream to Greek yogurt in the ingredient list, but forgot to in the instructions. The Greek yogurt worked great in place of the sour cream…and I think any man would love this (or woman!).

  4. Gah! That sounds like a totally shitty day. I would have given up and just paid the ticket. I mean, I believe in justice and everything but I think my laziness trumps that.

  5. I despise anything that includes having to deal with the state. Today’s lunch hour will be “enjoyed” at the DMV. Where I’m almost positive I’ll have to return to tomorrow because I have absolutely no clue what I’ll need to bring with me for renewing my plates. Yes, I’m that clueless… and I have to have it done by the 30th. (oh, is that tomorrow?)

  6. This look delicious, sorry you had a bad day!

  7. Oh no, I’m sorry about your day! I’m sending you a huge hug, my friend! You’re right, today can only get better. :)

    This pasta looks amazing…definitely a pick-me-up on a chilly/damp fall or winter day!

  8. I just hate days like that..when no matter what, they never seem to go right.
    Well at least you had an amazing dinner! This looks excellent!! I would have never thought of adding bbq sauce in a pasta dish! Yum!

  9. I love this dish and have made it many times for people who have had babies since it is such a great recipe. I’ve never thought about making it healthy though. Thanks for doing it for me, I’ll have to try it with the Greek yogurt!

  10. Man…that DOES sound like a bad day. At least you weren’t running in the rain, carrying your beer, like that one time with the wine, right? Right?!? :-)

  11. sub par?…your photos are just beautiful! Even the ones you dub as sub par! Sorry for the crap day…hopefully a better one is on the horizon for ya . Hubby wouldn’t like this, but boys and I would…so maybe for a day he isn’t dining with us!

  12. Sorry about your crummy day. That meal looks delish though!

  13. I love that I have everything at home to make this already! The rain is surely depressing this week! Hope today is better for you. :)

  14. Sorry yesterday sucked ass Nicole – but today will be a better day – I just know it! :D

    Love your dish – sans the red onions – ew!

  15. I hope today goes much better for you!!

    I wondered how it would be a one pot meal with the pasta, and now I see! So cool that you cooked the pasta in with everything. And BBQ sauce is amazing all.the.time. Winter time too!

  16. I was going to make a funny comment about the Sam Adams coming from Walgreens – then I kept reading! Yikes that is rough day!!!

    As for the pasta. Oh. M. Gee. I love stuff like this!

  17. Oh no! I hate days like that…

    But that pasta? It looks amazing. And the lager? Definitely deserved. :)

  18. Ummm . . . I would have had way more than just one drink after a day like that. But I think you already knew that. :)

  19. I have been flagging more and more recipes from you recently. Love the photos and have loved everything so far!

  20. Just made this pasta! Loved it! I just found your blog and I will be trying a lot of your recipes! Thanks!

    • Allison, thank you for your sweet comment — I’m glad you enjoyed the pasta! I just checked out your blog and wow – you are a SPEED DEMON! I look forward to reading more :)

  21. Thanks for checking out our blog! I hope to have a blog as sucessful as yours one day!

  22. I know a man who’s gonna love this pasta! Looks great!

    ps – the “Print” button doesn’t allow you to print the recipe.

  23. I just made this the other night and It is definitely a new favorite in our house! It was so good! Thanks for sharing!

  24. This was delicious and my husband LOVED it!! Thanks for yet another great recipe! : )

  25. This was such a great dish! I feel like I’ve been making everything you post lately, haha! My one year old is super picky but LOVED the BBQ flavor the pasta and chicken, plus my husband is total guy and the taste of anything BBQ excites him!


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