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13th Annual Chili Contest: Round-Up and Winner Announced!

Another delicious season of chili comes and goes. The football season was a bit…well, up and down. The beginning of the season was great and then we just…crumbled a bit. But hey, at least we made it to a bowl game! As always, looking forward to the basketball season which, so far anyway, is going much the same. Sigh…

Before the 2022 winner is announced, let’s recap…

Entry #1: The Best Classic Chili. What’s funny about this recipe? It’s been submitted twice. Therefore, it is most definitely well-loved and me and my crew are no exception! So while not new to me/us, it’s an oldie but a goodie at this stage!

Entry #2: Bison Chipotle Chili with Lime Crema. This chili is rustic and smoky with the meat-bean-chili powder action I love! Chipotles add that smoky flavor that is perfectly accented by the crema! Delish!

 Entry #3: Chili Beans. This subtly sweet bean-beef-bacon trio has a hint of baked beans flavors in the best way possible! A fun little chili rendition right here!

Entry #4: Best Beef Chili. A classic chili enters the scene for this year’s chili contest. It’s got everything there is to love about chili: beef, beans, tomatoes, and a bit of heat. The best part? It comes together super quickly making it perfect for a weeknight meal even for the busiest of people!

Entry #5: The Best Chili. Sweet heat and smoky, this chili offers up beef, beans, chiles, and bacon — a little bit of something for everyone! The variety of spices provides a rich, deep flavor that has distinct features of brown sugar and bacon. That sweet and savory combo always gets me! 

As always, each recipe was incredibly different from the next. But this year, it is Kelsey’s The Best Chili submission that takes 1st place. Thanks, Kelsey! I’ll be in touch!

Until next year…(I think)

Be well,

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