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Baby Shea: The First 4 Months

First 4 Months

I’m taking a temporary leave from food because, well, I haven’t been doing much eating. The flu bug has limited my intake to very little. Confession: yesterday I ate 2 slices of bacon, a handful of kettle chips, and about 1 cup of Frosted Mini Wheats…and about 20 ounces of ginger ale. And that was significantly more than the day before which was about 2 graham crackers and 24 ounces of 7Up.

Today, I had a chicken fajita for lunch because finally, food sounded good to me. I even had some leftover Chicken Tikka Masala, baked some lactation cookies (Mr. Prevention’s request…seriously) with the help of my adorable assistant, and got my butt kicked by my trainer. I’m hoping this is the end of the 3-week illness from your-know-where.

Last Friday, Shea turned 4 months old. One-third of a year old. HOW did this happen so quickly? My little baby weighed in at 16 lbs 15 oz (93rd %ile) and 25 1/2 inches long (89th %ile) at her 4 month appointment abd didn’t cry one bit with her shots. She even rolled over yesterday at daycare and after a broken heart over missing the milestone, repeated the trick for me not only once this morning, but twice. To see her grow stronger is both amazing and a little sad. They really don’t stay little for very long!!

The transition back to work has been bitter sweet. I’m sure working moms can relate to the emotional battle that plays on each and every day – the pros and cons of giving up so much time with your little one for a career you also love. I must admit that there are days I drive home thinking, “I’m done. It’s not worth it.” I’m that mom who picks up her kid and cuddles and kisses her for 5 minutes before I buckle her into her car seat for the 10 minute ride home. I miss her after our time away!

The evenings haven’t quite stabilized. Shea’s bedtime has crept up to as early as 6:45pm some nights (she practically BEGS for bed most nights) and while I wholeheartedly know and understand that she needs her sleep to rejuvenate, I hate losing time with her to an early bedtime. Since she’s such a good sleeper, we don’t get a ton of time in the mornings, either. And to think, a lot of moms work much longer hours than me…and commute longer than me. How do they do it? I literally have no clue.

I am still breastfeeding, although I spend more time pumping with work and Shea’s sleep schedule. I still struggle at times to meet 100% of her needs, but most days I meet at least 90% of her needs and we supplement, as needed, with formula. We’ve been given the green light from the pediatrician to begin cereal around 5 months and I’m anxious to do so. Even more so, I look forward to introducing vegetables and avocado shortly thereafter. I do plan to make my own baby purees…it should be interesting!

Cooking, blogging, and exercise have become more challenging. Shea enjoys being in the kitchen with me, but the timing can still be a bit unpredictable. Blogging can be done after Shea’s in bed for the night…when I have the energy to do so. A lot of nights I just want to unplug, spend time with Mr. P and Lily, and crash early. And exercise is either done over the weekends, after Shea’s in bed (hockey), or a day or two each week at the gym before picking up Shea.

It’s a busy, beautiful life with that little girl! My heart is jam-packed with love.

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  1. Laura P
    February 11, 2015 / 1:03 am

    She is such a little cutie! What a smile. Enjoy this time, it really does go by fast!

  2. Lisa Broadley
    February 11, 2015 / 5:56 pm

    I”m glad to read this. I’m soon to have my first and so this is helpful. Do you think you’ll put baby purees on the blog?

  3. Biz
    February 12, 2015 / 10:49 am

    So is so sweet! I actually think Hannah turned out more independent because I wasn’t there – I made sure that she asked for things at the store as soon as she could speak, because I knew I wasn’t going to be with her all the time.

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