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Family Friday (vol. 111): ….People.

June has arrived. I didn’t know if spring was ever going to end. And by spring I really mean the depths of COVID-19.

Of course, since then, our world has been shaken to its core with the necessity to fight for black lives and get real about discussing racism, white privilege, and civil rights. My work has done a great job of helping its leaders understand the importance of embracing our black friends, neighbors and colleges during this time (and beyond). It’s not about finding the perfect words, but starting the conversation. Acknowledging the complete storm they are amid. Taking on even a fraction of that reality, acknowledging my own place of privilege as a white woman. For me, I had to hear that because truly, what words can I write, much less say, to make this any less brutal? It’s all surreal.

Oh, 2020. I’ll be glad to see you go. Please take Donald Trump with you.

Pivot. Because, of the weight of it all.

As I consider why I’m more into running as of late, it really is no mystery. I’ve always enjoyed running, but since our Peloton bike arrived in January 2019, I’ve done far less running and far more biking. Of course I also don’t have hockey or tennis to cross train at the moment, so I’ve been enjoying some outdoor running. As I always say, our handful of beautiful days in Michigan are not squandered by this woman! My runs have been in the 11-minute mile range. Not breaking any records, but also not trying to. I’m working more on mileage, running 4-5 miles at a time. My quads acknowledge the new challenge and it has been good!

My dad was in the hospital for 10 days following a back surgery. Needless to say, there were some complications. It didn’t help that there’s no visitors allowed in the hospital and of course, my family was concerned about my dad. The staff were often hard to get ahold of and information on his status and progress was not forthcoming. It was a tough place for everyone to be in, my dad most of all, of course. I’m happy to report that he’s home and doing well, complaining about PT, no doubt. We’re heading to Chicago to see him tomorrow for a short visit – looking forward to it. 🙂

If you’ve been reading along, you probably know by now that we’ve been reunited with both Mark’s family as well as my own, after several months without seeing one another. We’ve all been very cautious during this time and officially, things are opening back up. As of June 15th, pending any addendums, we are fully reopened – yes, even hair salons. Michigan is the last state to open salons and we’re still over a week from that. I’m so glad to not yet be battling greys, however, this girl could really benefit from a pedicure and a massage. But if pandemic times have taught me anything, it’s perspective. I mean, a hockey friend (a guy) did paint my toes in my driveway 2 weeks ago. He did alright, if I do say so.

My site make-over is ALMOST complete and I’m in love! Expect to see it next week! Just in time for my blog’s 11th birthday – B-A-N-A-N-A-S.

Reading lots as of late and all are worth checking out: Mrs. Everything by Jennifer Weiner, Ghosted by Rosie Walsh, Tell the Wolves I’m Home, and The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren.

I made Mongolian Chicken last night. It was amazing. And a Vegan Peanut Butter Pie today. It is also darn tasty! Recipes coming soon!

I’m planning a visit to our local brewery with outdoor seating next week. It’s the little things these days – I can’t wait. The other day, Piper said, “Mom, I miss Watermark so much.” As you can guess, Watermark is the local brewery 🙂

Father’s Day plans are in progress. As all the mom memes on the internet go, the world was on lockdown for Mother’s Day and reopened just in time for Father’s Day. Only me that found those memes entertaining? Doubtful!

As per usual this time of year, I’m really enjoying roses and sauvignon blancs. I always love beer, but there’s something about fruity and floral (though not sweet!) wines this time of year that are so refreshing to me. I can’t say I really crave wine any other time of the year — maybe a rich malbec in the winter, but it’s not often. I’m tempted to start a cocktail tradition on the weekends – I have so many recipes saved on my Pinterest page, and I’ve never made a single one. Maybe it’s time for a new tradition! I love tequila-based drinks best!

We bit the bullet and ordered a swing set for the girls. We’re about 3 months behind every other family, so it was 1. slim pickings and 2. a delivery 8-10 weeks away. We’ll see if that was the right choice. I’d like to go on record as saying LAST year this time that we should get a play set/swing set. With Shea turning 6 (!) this fall, I just hope we get a few years out of it before it turns into an underutilized obstacle to mow around. Because we don’t have a backyard, it will also be in our side yard. SORRY, NEIGHBORS!

Work is busy and that’s good. I’m in the office while Mark is still working at home. We’re now shifting to trying to plan fall, when Shea is supposed to begin kindergarten at a local elementary. It may be another 4-6 weeks until we hear anything and that will require all the patience I tend not to have…

Gina and I have been hard at work on the podcast, continuing to push out content and hoping that as the world returns to a new normal that commuters resume listening. We definitely saw a dip in downloads with COVID, but most shows did. If you’ve been tuning in and enjoying the show, please take a moment to leave a review! It helps others find the show – thank you, thank you!

We’re starting to sneak in beach days every chance we can get, which is exactly how we spent our late Friday afternoon. The girls love it. Pools are even opening here in another 10 days or so. Small miracles! My girls LOVE to swim and they’re darn good at it! I know there’s a risk in all of this, but I think this time has weighed on us all…and COVID-19 is not going to just disappear. My girls don’t even try to play with other kids any more – I never thought I’d see the day they kept to themselves and each other, and now it kind of breaks my heart. I tell you, this whole parenting thing. No one can prepare you for the onslaught of worry.

New favorite pizza combo: pepperoni, giardiniera, and arugula. OMG. My Friday night is COMPLETE.

Looks like a pretty weekend, but not all that hot. Glad we got in the waves today. Wishing you all peace and wellness in this chapter of life.

Be well,

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  1. Stacey
    June 8, 2020 / 10:58 am

    You are SO lucky! Our Iowa Governor announced pools could open for laps/swim lessons, but because that is the only reason they would have to fill with water, no pools (around us anyway) are even bothering. SO SAD! Not only will we miss the fun afternoons at the pool and supporting the community, I am disappointed my daughter won’t have swim lessons. She used to be SO afraid of the water and lessons last year made her a new kid… I am really hoping we can keep up the progress for her. Also because of this, it just means beaches etc are going to be quite crowded – so far we have had around 90* weather for over a week straight this summer!

    • Nicole Morrissey
      June 9, 2020 / 4:23 pm

      So unfortunate, I’m sorry to hear that. It’s the midwest, we live for summer!! I hope your daughter picks up right where she left off. ๐Ÿ™‚

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