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Family Friday (vol. 138): Fri-yay, off today!

I saw the weather forecast for the week and I was like: YES! Book Club (on a boat!) would happen Thursday…and my Friday off looked promising.

Well, it was a Friday off WELL spent. I kind of slept in (but not really), read a chapter of my book with my coffee and the girls cuddled up on the couch, played tennis for the first time in 4 months or so, and then boated AND pooled AND had dinner with family friends. The kids joined for the pool and dinner, but the boating was all adults. I am sun-kissed and beyond happy for the gift that was today. The summer is whizzing by and I’m incredibly grateful for a day off in the sun, vacationing in my own town. 

I mean, c’mon. It’s stunning! And as we joked at book club, “I ‘summer’ here…I also ‘fall, winter, and spring’ here, too!”

Against my habit of over-scheduling, I’ve pressed pause on Taekwondo for August and we’re taking the rest of the summer to just…slow down and enjoy. Before long, the pool and beach will be a non-option, I am looking forward to an August without evening commitments. Because come fall, the girls are BOTH playing soccer, on different nights of the week…and will have Saturday games, most definitely at different times. We’ll be living at the soccer fields September 12th through October 22nd.

I’m beginning to think about other things we do each fall: family photos and joint kiddo birthday party. Choosing outfits for our pictures is the hardest part and this year, I’m CONSIDERING a change from our usual beach photos. We’ll see. The beach is always so perfect and so very “us”. The kids’ birthday I’m torn on — they both want a little something different but I refuse to do 2 separate parties at this stage (perk to their birthdays being 4 weeks apart), and a few places are already booked. I’m thinking we may end up having it at our house and rent a big’ol bounce house. We’ll see!

Two weeks ago, we had my mom’s bestie’s daughter and her family come to visit with her family. The weather could’ve been better, but we made the most of it and crammed in bowling, blueberries, boating, and hitting a few other hot spots around town! The girls got along with their daughter SO SO well, it was a blast! 

And last weekend, we welcomed my sorority sister and college roommate to town from St. Louis! We had a great time and again, questionable weather, but made the most of it! We were little tourists in our downtown and again, picked blueberries! It was good to see her and our next visit will have to be in St. Louis as I haven’t been, other than when the Illini were in the Final Four back in the early 2000’s. Kelly is a loyal Prevention RD reader and I love her for it!! Thanks for the visit, wifey!

Last week, I chopped off about 10 inches of hair and went a few shades darker. I definitely needed a trim and my last MAJOR cut was right after I had Piper, so…nearly 6 years ago. At that time, I regretted cutting as much as I did, so I didn’t go quite as short, but it is a big adjustment! My hair is definitely feeling healthier, most people have noticed the chop, and I’m committed to investing in (and using) quality hair products to preserve my color and help keep my hair a bit healthier. I’ve been Team Panteen for too many years, I guess!

My brother found out he’s having a baby…BOY! I’m going to be auntie to a little man come the end of the year and I’m so excited! 

I’ve started playing “Wordle” on NY Times’ website. It’s a mild obsession and I highly recommend getting sucked into the fun alongside me.

I’ve been reading, and enjoying: After I Do by Taylor Jenkins Reid, Black Cake by Charmaine Wilkinson, Lessons in Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus, and The Good Lie by A.R. Torre. I’ve been loyal about posting reviews to Instagram, so I hope it’s helpful!

We just finished The Terminal List on Amazon Prime and it was good! I think we will next watch Flight Attendant on HBO (recommendation from my bestie) and we’re just starting season 4,231 of Big Brother. YES, WE ARE THOSE PEOPLE!

I’m soooo looking forward to NO ALARM for the next 2 mornings, tubing with the girls tomorrow, and just a quiet weekend at home! Mark’s sister is coming to see us next weekend to celebrate his mom’s birthday, and that will be fun!

The summer isn’t over just YET! Thank goodness! ENJOY!

Be well,

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  1. Nancy
    July 29, 2022 / 10:34 pm

    If you like Wordle – you would be great at Phoodle.net – it’s just like Wordle only with food related words

    • Nicole Morrissey
      July 29, 2022 / 10:39 pm

      SOLD! Thanks, Nancy!!

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