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Family Friday (vol. 48): Tidbits

I just read Behind Her Eyes by Sara Pinborough and it was really good. It was for book club and I think it’ll be a good discussion. Since, ya know, we do talk books for a bit. Next up is The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins because I’m one of 4 people left on earth who hasn’t read it yet. And then, Present Over Perfect by Shauna Niequist because I was told I would love it by Jessica who knows my taste quite well! Now…if I could just stay up reading for more than 1 paragraph before I submit to slumber…

I’m pretty excited about Mother’s Day because it means SO much to me to have my mom as a best friend and to be the mom to two perfect humans (they’re not really perfect, but they’re perfect to me). My mother-in-law is fabulous, too! I’m not exactly sure what the weekend will entail, but 60’s and family sounds like a good start.

Harlie, our new bulldog addition, is a little bugger. A fast little bugger. Admittedly, we’re pretty spoiled with Lily (our first bulldog). Lily doesn’t leave our property, doesn’t require a leash, is sooooooo low-energy, is great with kids, doesn’t bark, isn’t aggressive around food or strangers, yada yada. Outside of her snoring, her atrocious breath, and her shedding, she’s the perfect dog. Well, her hearing is sometimes selective, but I think that’s just part of the breed. ANYWAY. We were playing tennis in the driveway with the dogs and Harlie was starting to wander off, sniffing around. I started calling for her to come back and ZOOM. Off she goes. After a failed attempt to retrieve her (she looked at me, laughed, and DARTED the other direction), I sped around like a lunatic, loading the kids in the car, grabbing my purse, dog treats, and a leash, and throwing on running shoes. We live 2 houses from a fairly busy two-lane road and I was just sure I would hear tires screeching to a halt at any moment. Sigh. Construction workers on the road hadn’t seen her. A gentlemen doing some gardening down a side street had just seen her. Kids in the car. Crap, crap, crap. I decide to go home after 15 minutes and regroup my efforts. I pulled in the driveway and there’s Harlie. She’s standing there panting, looking at me like, “Hey, where ya been? I’m thirsty.” DOG!!!!!

I cooked every night this week which hasn’t really been happening lately. Cooked AND photographed every meal. Last night, I was so excited to remake the Broccoli, Cheddar, and Brown Rice Cakes I made a few months ago but failed to photograph. Mr. Prevention didn’t love them, but I call him crazy. Deeelish. Anyway, I make our dinner plates, photograph, and set dinner down for us to eat as a family. Mr. P goes, “Oh, I’m not eating. I’m going to workout after the girls go to bed and make a pizza later.” You guys, if looks could kill. Of course my response was syrupy sweet (insert sarcasm) and something like, “I literally cannot imagine how nice it would be to come home to a home-cooked, healthy meal every night and not have to do anything to help plan for or prepare it.” I just…yeah. Impossible.

The girls have aligning afternoon naps. THANK YOU, SWEET CHILDREN ‘O MINE! This mama who works from home on Fridays appreciates your grace. Mwah!

Piper has started making squeals of happiness when I walk in the door at night or when I come into her bedroom in the morning. She’s so happy. And cute. And thank goodness for that because she was up twice last night. Definitely a growth spurt. I think she has eaten her body weight in yogurt and fruit/veg purees today.

If you use Pandora, tune into Summer Hits of the 90’s sometime – it’s my fave.

Be well,


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