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Family Friday (vol. 63): Happy 2018!

I haven’t posted a Family Friday since I confessed my short fuse. But I have to circle back to say that that post resonated with so many out there. I got calls, texts, emails, Facebook messages – solidarity, you guys. We’re in this together. We got this. Oh, and so many thank yous. For real.

Since a few weeks ago, things seem to have settled into a bit of a groove. I think it was probably the holidays and a few short weeks of work. Mark and I were somewhat dreading so much kiddo time and being stuck in our home…which seems smaller by the day (P.S. our house is not small, but…STUFF! KIDS!). It actually ended up being, okay. Enjoyable, even. I convinced my parents to return just a few days after Christmas and they so kindly obliged. It helped to break-up the long weekend and we did some fun stuff, like the usual brewery visit when they’re in town. It’s slightly embarrassing when Shea asks, rather loudly while at the library, “Mom, are we going to the brewery yet?” SHUSH, KID. SHUSH. What can I say? She is being raised in southwest Michigan where there’s a microbrewery at every turn. It makes up for the lake effect snow.

Piper’s language is blossoming. When she says “hi” and waves, I melt every time. I’ve probably said that already, but there’s never been a cuter 16-month-old on Facetime, I swear. The grandparents eat it up…and of course, so do I. Shea has been mostly wonderful with a little too much sass thrown in. But, ahem, I think I know where she gets it. Just today she said to me, “Oh my gosh…you’re driving me CRAZY!” – inflections in her voice and all. It was like a flash into my future come 10+ years from now. Except coming from a 3-year-old, I bust into hysterics.

On a TOTALLY unrelated note, I think I shared, but I’m writing a cookbook (!)!!. I’m really excited about it and it’s a very different publisher style that I’m really digging, and there’s that to look forward to. What can I say about it? Slow cooker and coming out in spring 2018. Translation? Awesome recipes, at your doorstep in a countdown number of weeks. Cue the stress. But, it’s all good. I’m chipping away at the content each day and I’ve managed not question my sanity just yet. Stay tuned, dear readers! And as always, thank you for your support!

Mark is also done with his 3-day juice cleanse in which he lost 8 lbs, kept sane, and gave me total crap about quitting. Like I said, I choose food. I also choose proper nutrition (duh). It probably goes without saying that I’m looking forward to actually COOKING next week…but I’m still head-over-heels for sweet potato + BBQ chicken + avocado. I’m also really into scrambled eggs and avocado lately. And no, I’m not pregnant. 🙂

Shea is starting ice-skating lessons on Monday (#proud) and my new hockey league starts up on either Sunday or Monday – I’m awaiting my game date and time. I’m quite excited about that and also a little anxious that they’re combining all of the under 40 players into one league. I need to sharpen up quick – pun intended!

Our thoughts go out to those on the east coast with the insane and scary weather. I hope y’all have a fab weekend and an enjoyable and healthy start to 2018!

Be well,

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