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Family Friday (vol. 92): Spring Forward

The workout bug has hit me lately. I’ve logged 4 straight days (tomorrow will make 5) on the Peloton for the first time ever – I’ve got some leaderboard friends who are highly inspiring. I was riding that thing until nearly 9pm last night! And because my quads can only so much, I’ve incorporated arm workouts from Peloton, too. Maui is coming up and my arms are probably my least favorite part of my body – it’s good motivation. I had gotten up to workout before work on Wednesday, logged a few rides in addition to a 2 1/2 mile jog and later that day, I was asked to sub in a hockey game…which I did. I was whipped!

Yet, I had to stay up late to watch the Illini play in the first round of the Big10 tournament…only to have them totally crumble under the 3-point shooting of Iowa come the second round. Oh well. There’s always next year.

Piper has officially moved from the toddler program classrooms to the “pre-primary” class where the focus is on POTTY TRAINING!! However, she has no interest. I was summoned at 3:30am the other night to change her (very) wet diaper. EYE ROLL. Needless to say, we’re looking at big girl beds online (she’s still in a crib and if it were up to me, crib for LYFE) so that we are ready to start the whole potty training process. For the girl who loves all things sweet, she is way underwhelmed with a chocolate chip reward for her successful efforts. I may need to up my game.

Shea is enjoying tennis and swimming. She can swim short distances on her own and thoroughly enjoys the water…and even more so with a piddle jumper on. She remains my highly emotional child and continues to sleep like a champ. After daylight savings, I woke her up Monday morning by opening her door a crack to allow some light in while I got Piper dressed and set-up with breakfast. I came back upstairs to get her ready only to find her door completely shut and her back asleep. When I finally got her awake (oh, the drama), she told me her sleep wasn’t long enough. She is her daddy’s daughter when it comes to sleep.

The other night, she told me that “when she’s in heaven she’s going to eat french fries with God” – ha! She also recently inquired as to how Santa and his reindeer get “all the way up in the sky to heaven so that God gets toys, too.” That little one, she’s always thinking.

My girls’ personalities become clearer all the time — Shea the type A, rule-following, sensitive soul and Piper, the one who is always looking for fun and to bring laughter to everything.

Mark and I are gearing up for Maui and I’ve officially never been so excited for a trip! I have new shorts, new swimsuits, new shoes, new sundresses, new sunglasses – I’m so ready! All excursions and many reservations – done! I’ve been hoarding my PTO for a long time and I’m overdue for sunshine with my beau!

My in-laws are here this weekend so we’ll get to hand over the baby monitors and get a bit lazy. We’re going to see a raggae band tomorrow at a local brewery (of course). On Sunday, the girls will get to meet their new cousin, baby Ava! We’ll also get to see my uncle and aunt who recently move from Missouri. A fun weekend on deck – but I’ll be sure to get my Peloton ride clocked 😉

Happy weekend, everyone!

Be well,

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