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Family Friday (vol. 93): Bad Start, Spring!

I don’t normally post back-to-back Family Fridays, but…here we are. It was an eventful week in mostly all the wrong ways.

It started off well – family time on St. Patrick’s Day. The girls met their new cousin, 2-month-old baby Ava. How cute are these girls?!

Mark was in Italy for work all week. He left Sunday and returned late this afternoon (Friday), so we were a house full of ladies just doing our best. I had an easy week meeting-wise and menu-wise and Monday we were grooving. We had made it to daycare and work on time, had a nice dinner together, and then when I decided to occupy the girls with the iPad while I hopped on the Peloton, all you-know-what broke loose.

Tuesday was off to a poor start but with my staff meeting, I powered through. By late morning I was DRAGGING. I had the afternoon blocked for networking and visiting my old team. I never took my coat off all afternoon and I drove home at 3:30pm in a complete haze. I fell into bed and could barely pry myself awake to feed the girls dinner. Our nanny was able to stay and so I went right back to bed. She basically stepped in as mom for the next 48 hours.

I went to work on Wednesday but scheduled an 11:30am doctors visit to rule out flu. TWO throat swabs later (don’t get me started), I had a positive flu test and was off to pick-up TamiFlu from the pharmacy. I was completely worthless the rest of the day.

By Thursday, I was feeling quite a bit better after an Imitrex helped my headache. I worked from home for the day and today, Friday, I ventured into the office. It was a productive day and my flu symptoms are fully replaced by cough and congestion. I just pray that dodging my kids much of this week with the help of our nanny has kept them healthy. Spring break is right around the corner!

In other news, we MAY be on our way to a potty-trained 4-year-old — overnight, that is. Shea has been potty trained for a long time, but nights have always been accompanied by Pull-Ups. She had 2 accident-free nights before a slip-up last night. We’ll see how the next few nights shake out. She has been able to tell us that with a Pull-Up on, she won’t get up to use the bathroom, so we’ve gone cold turkey. Hopefully it’s a quick process because washing the bedding for a queen size bed EVERY day can get old real quick.

We have absolutely no plans this weekend and that’s a beautiful thing! On Sunday morning, Gina and I will record episode 10 of the podcast before we venture to church. Hockey playoffs for my league start Sunday – should be fun!

Happy Spring, everyone! Stay healthy!!

Be well,

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