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12th Annual Chili Contest: Round-Up and Winner Announced!

Another delicious season of chili comes and goes. The football season was a bit…well, up and down. We showed up when it mattered…kind of. A 9th over-time win against a ranked Penn State? Epic. The Illini could’ve done worse and they certainly could’ve done a whole lot better. As always, looking forward to the basketball season which, so far anyway, is going quite well!

Before the 2021 winner is announced, let’s recap…

Entry #1: The Best Classic Chili

Entry #2: Venison Chili

Entry #3: Four Chile Chili

Entry #4: Breakfast Chili

Entry #5: “My Best Chili”

As always, each recipe was incredibly different from the next. But this year, it is Michelle’s Four Chile Chili submission that takes 1st place (YES! The one with CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM in the ingredient list!). Thanks, Michelle! I’ll be in touch!

Until next year…

Be well,

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